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Artist Spotlight: BAPS University Allows the Music to Get Close to People

BAPSUniversity is a unique collective, to say the least, with a little bit of sparkle on top to shine a light on our lives. Since forming when the global pandemic started, BAPS University set out to find ways to keep people entertained while also finding ways to keep busy, they were able to do this by beginning their initiative “Quarantine Tape”, a weekly 7 song mixtape created by the members of BAPS University that is constantly fueled with new songs and ideas to explore.

With the initial mindset being to keep things as organic as possible, BAPS University feeds the fire of their emotions and lets it all out within their music, knowing that they have to always keep distance with other people know, they are allowing the music to be what touches people. We cannot wait to hear what will be coming next in the next “Quarantine Tape.”


Hey BAPS University, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re moved by your dedication to music by providing a 7-track tape each week until we’re finally free again. Why did BAPS University decide to take on this time consuming and tedious task?

Thank you!!! It's been crazy but so worth it. Before the lockdown, we were already hardworking parents and artists. From promoting our monthly show "O.A.F Café" to working on our solo and joint projects. Ambeeka is also a visual artist, working on our covers and her own inspirations. On top of all that in house production and engineering we stay in collaboration mode weather, it is on production or artistically. The unfortunate timing of COVID 19 has taken lives in many ways and we are empathetic with those on the Frontline and those directly impacted. We had to do our part. Social distancing has changed how we interact daily but the music, the music is still touching people. It helps us cope weekly and the prayer is to create the vibes that help us all get through this.

In regards to your fourth project “Quarantine Tape 4”, BAPSUniversity brings in a variety of atmospheres and layers. Did you have a specific sound in mind when creating this certain tape? Or was it more of a spur of the moment?

Our motto is O.A.F (organic as f*ck.)

Ambeeka: Sir will get on my nerves and it will inspire conflict that we redirect into the music. I'll get on his nerves and we do the same. Chris Winston, who has had a big part in the production will send us beats and we just get a vibe going while I'm cooking. I'll be like oh! I got the hook or sir will be like oh! I got a verse coming and then its another song. We just put the energy on repeat.

“Quarantine Tape 4” features a few different artists and producers that take the project to new planes. Was there a certain process that BAPSUniversity undertook when piecing together all the different aspects of “Quarantine Tape 4?”

Sir: Really, this is happening in real-time. I may send a song out have a home hop on it and it may not fit the vibe by the time we make it to Friday. It has to feel right. So the process changes weekly, some weeks I have to be more hands-on some weeks I have to do more with the kids. Its a flow.

Speaking on the weekly projects that BAPS University releases, are there any tapes that stand out for you thus far? Why do you think they’ve made such an impact on BAPS University?

We put out 7 tapes, 51 songs. We want to make classical music that reflects moments in time and can one day become historical references to a vibe. We building a foundation and that's our catalog. Legacy. We have different favorites based on mood but right now track 1 on Quarantine Tape 6.



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