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Artist Spotlight: Big Runts Brings The Heat With Their Sizzling Sound And Hot Bars

Big Runts always seems to amaze us with the authority and power they deliver with the sizzling sound they have created for themselves.

The Los Angeles based, first-ever little person rap duo showed that to be especially true with the likes of their blazing Trap single, “Playin’.”

They have a way of creating a forceful atmosphere with their cavernous and primitive vocal delivery and the lyricism implemented in their rhyme schemes, which bring even their hardest bars to life.

Big Runts not only have a knack for wordplay but for the out of this world confidence, they exude by offering a back and forth between their different yet equally engaging vocals.

A big city soundscape is exactly what Big Runts takes us on with the rhythm and flow they deliver time and time again. Cris G and Bulldogg have all of their fans hooked to the vibrations of even the heaviest and darkest of Trap vibes.

Learn more about Big Runts here.

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