Artist Spotlight: Composr Keeps Listeners Inspired with Vibrant and Thoughtful Music

Remember California-based artist Composr? His creative and versatile sound will jog your memory, as his romantically-induced productions are hard to forget. Already having a ton of experience as an artist, Composr sets out to focus on his music and how exactly he's able to amplify it in the best way possible. As an artist who enjoys collaboration, you can find Composr working with a variety of artists, and notable artists that match his energy and artistic persona.

Some recent work that Composr has been putting primary focus into is his 10-track album, "Designer Dreams." Listeners can expect the album to be a life-soundtrack, covering many different stories and styles personal to Composr. He put a ton of thought into the album's vividness, ensuring that listeners had a soundscape that was able to create an illusive mental effect. That's the attractive feature of Composr and the way he goes about crafting his sound--he genuinely thinks about the listening experience and is always on top of how that can be advanced in creative ways. It's safe to say that Composr is a source of creativity himself, and we feel in absolute anticipation for his album release.