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Spotlight: Contemporary-Pop Intoner Maria Alexa Creates A Dynamic Experience

Maria Alexa is a Contemporary-Pop intoner from New York City with a unique, New-wave sound. With minimal rise and fall of the pitch, her steadfast vocals add texture to the soundscape. With a monotone lead vocal, Maria Alexa ensures that her music maintains its depth with echoing reverbs and enticing harmonies. A rumbling drum line and unique cascades of a piano provide the dynamic experience that some intoners miss. As a songwriter, she is sure not to force anything during her creative process. 

Maria Alexa only writes her songs when ideas flow to her naturally - and she generally gets it all down quickly. Inspired by her current mood and emotional state, her music is an eloquent mosaic of her intrinsic desires. She knows that nobody’s life stories are the same but aims to relate to a universal audience through music. With her debut EP set to be released this fall, fans are thirsty to see what Mauria will bring to the table. 

Discover more about Maria Alexa here.


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