Mauria, the New-York Contemporary-Pop Intoner Releases New Hit "Sunshine"

Mauria, the New-York Contemporary-Pop Intoner established her reign over Melodic orchestrations and infatuating song-writing through her the exposure of Contemporary and Pop Music she experienced as a child.

Mauria endeavors to recreate the same wonder-inducing sentiments for her audience that Music once gave to her at a young age. With a substantial support team featuring notary Producer Gamal Abdu and the troupe at NOISE, Mauria shoots for the stars with her single titled, "Sunshine"—the first cut off her anticipated Debut EP coming later this Fall.

Mauria's new single, "Sunshine," glows brilliantly over a prismatic panorama of echoing reverbs and cascading harmonies that Mauria creates through the infatuating textures appended via her vocals. As the Pop mix's ambient spaces open over a punchy time-keeper in the form of a kick-drum, we tread buoyantly through the liquid panoramas of Mauria's festooned introduction. As we simmer over the slowly enveloping sonic steam that supercharges the air around us, Mauria belts out a playful hymn before the chorus breaks down into an empyreal fantasia which features oscillating samples and effervescent pads that model after the timeless touchstones of New-wave Pop.

Here, in our New-York intoner's fleshy hook portion, the beat's cadence develops into a low-rumbling bouncy stratagem through a fluctuating bass-line and muted piano fingerings that manage to highlight the budding chanteuse's top-line hook tenfold. It's an experience that feels like jumping from sauna to ice-cold pool in the way Mauria holds complete control over goose-bump provoking sensations.

Listen to "Sunshine" here.

Hello Mauria, and a warm welcome back to BuzzMusic. Can you describe to us some of the sentiments you're feeling now that your audience has had their first taste of what's to come off your Debut E.P. set to drop this Fall?

I honestly don’t even have the words, as cliché as it sounds, the fact that my music is finally out in the world and in people’s ears does not feel real at all. The love, support, and positive feedback I’ve received in the past 24 hours since it’s release have been very overwhelming. I’m extremely grateful. With that said though, this is only the beginning. I’ve been dreaming of this moment since I was four years old––it’s truly been a long time coming. I’ve never felt closer or passionate about anything else in my life other than music so this release is very special to me.

What was the narrative behind "Sunshine," and did you draw inspiration for its storytelling cohesiveness through your own personal experiences?

The lyrics and melodies from sunshine poured out of me one random night. There are days I feel super inspired and days that are the complete opposite. This night though, back in February to be exact, I was alone in my room, feeling super happy and emotional. I had a pretty melody stuck in my head, the first line, “I wish that you could spend the night, put down your phone and lay next to me, next to me.” I took out my voice note, as always, and started to freestyle. It was the first time in my life I freestyled an entire verse, pre-chorus, and chorus in one sitting [I still have this voice note] I think that’s what also makes sunshine so special. It’s not only my official debut into music, but was truly the song that came the most natural to me and something I actually really liked. There have been tweaks since [ thanks to my incredible producer Gamal Abu and my very talented vocal coach Laci Mercede!] and ended up coming together. It was a magical experience. In regards to this song coming to me through personal experience, yes definitely. I’m a VERY emotional human being. I feel things 50 times more than the average human (at least that’s how I feel lol) and I wouldn't trade that for the world. Currently, I’m in a very loving relationship with myself and my partner, which has made it that much easier to write a love song like sunshine. I think a lot of people can relate to that.

What stands out as the most significant learning experience for you as an artist during your Debut EP's writing and recording process?

I would say realizing everything happens for a reason and with time. I’m generally a patient person but when it came to releasing something that took literally 7 months, it was hard. Especially since I’ve been working on my craft and my artist vision for a couple of years on top of that. I’ve been through a lot of shit let’s just say, particularly during my early childhood. Those experiences, good and bad, have really shaped me into the person I am today. Taking these hardships, heartbreaks, but also accomplishments and putting them to paper, into production, and finally into a masterpiece has been extraordinary. I will never get over the feeling of recording vocals and turning into this masterpiece, which then eventually becomes a piece of me, and hopefully, to someone else.

If you could give your audience a few words that would act as a prologue to the sonic experience you aspire to present in your new upcoming music, what would you say and why?

I want my upcoming project to be a different experience for everyone because no one’s life story is the exact same, but through music, we can relate, we can love, we can cry, etc. These next few songs will be a sneak peek into my soul, very raw, very emotional [did I mention VERY emotional] but also fun! It’s my journey of all different kinds of love in various stages, put into a myriad of genres, yet still tie together very nicely. All and all, and I will continue to say this, I just hope people even if it’s one person, can relate to my songs somehow. I want my audience to feel connected to me because at the end of the day I’m making this for myself and them, and as my own personal “therapy” because everyone should go to therapy lol. But, MORE importantly, to be there for someone who had a bad day or a really good day–– like today. NOW go stream my song and tell all of your friends!