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Artist Spotlight: Corri is Ever-Evolving

Hailing from Nashville, Corri is a burgeoning Hip-Hop artist with a vicious determination to continue his growth as a musician. His music is built on the basis of truth and natural imperfections. This theme allows fans to let down their guards and relate to the lyricism. When coming up with his song lyrics, Corri generally takes inspiration from his past experiences or things he’s always wanted to do. When his songs are needing a little extra spice, his alter-ego “Little Skeeter” takes over to add a little fire.

Little Skeeter is simply a rap persona that allows Corri to draw from more inspirations and expand his musical styles. With his recent inkling that “anyone can rap,” Corri wants to stand out with his ability to tap into other genres. He listens to almost every genre and has already incorporated Pop, Alternative, Punk, and R&B into his music. His next plan is to dabble with EDM/Dance, Reggae, and even holiday music styles. Corri shows us that he is certainly the type of artist that can evolve with the times, and with the taste of his fans.

Check out our recent interview with Corri here.



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