Artist Spotlight: Don Mai Is A Vision In Pop-Punk Music

Stepping out of his comfort zone and into the genre of pop, Don Mai has risen to the challenge of experimenting with sounds that showcase his artistic versatility. His most recent single places a great emphasis on the mesmerizing bops he continues to drive home, no matter the genre he delves into.

"Stay the Night" allows this to be especially true as it tackles an upbeat ambiance with an added zest in the realm of pop and punk-rock. Playing into light-hearted themes about falling in love with your friend with benefits, Don Mai allows us to have a complete connection with the relatability that sizzles through a narrative as such.

Always one to highlight expressive tenors as he reels you in with gritty vocals, delivering unforgettable croons, Don Mai makes it, so we're on the hook for every single release to come.

Check out our full interview with Don Mai here.

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