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Artist Spotlight: Dreadward Bernay Turns Isolation into Cultivation

Dreadward began his musical journey at a young age; creating hip-hop and playing jazz for his middle and high school marching bands, Dreadward continued exploring a multitude of genres and sounds throughout his life. His appreciation for all genres of music allows for a deeper dimension of sound, creating material that dabbles in the best of all musical worlds.

The global pandemic of 2020 has not hindered Dreadward's passion for music. Instead, he has shown resourcefulness while using this time to focus on writing, recording, mixing, and even exploring the art of video editing for his music video "Life is a Gamble.

There is a philosophical layer in Dreadward's structure as an artist. The name "Dreadward Bernays" comes from the originator of Public Relations, Edward Bernays. After studying some of his publications, Dreadward decided to use Bernay's propaganda tactics in a positive light and infuse his music with a contextual lense.

Keep your ears tuned for more familiar sounds from Dreadward Bernays soon.

DIscover "Life is a Gamble" here.



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