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Artist Spotlight: Escape to a New State of Mind with Each Release from Sean Stephens

Hailing from New York City, Sean Stephens is a musician on the rise who will hook you with his infectious energy.

Sean has been putting in work performing across the city and even played Derek in an Off-Broadway production of Camp Morning Wood. He can be found in any type of New York City style live music scene; you can picture his cabaret talents at a classy lounge in the city.

Growing up he always had a strong passion for all genres of music, which is what allows him to consistently expand his musical inspirations. With a deeper love for the pop genre because of its minimal boundaries, he tends to add his own contemporary flair to pop when coming up with his own tracks.

Fans can count on Sean Stephens to sweep them away with each release as he keeps us on our toes wondering what music style he will gravitate towards next. He appreciates the power of anthemic orchestration, pays respects to the legendary sounds of old-school days, and never fails to fill his tracks with modern passion.

Learn more about Sean Stephens and his music here.





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