Artist Spotlight: Eve DeVault Graciously Invites Listener’s to Share her Faith

After listening to one of Eve DeVault’s songs and learning of her devotion to the church, one might be surprised to learn that it was a mere three years ago that she decided to convert to Christianity. Jesus is not only an inspiration in her life but also in her music. 

Eve DeVault does a fantastic job of inspiring faith – whether the listener is religious or not. Rather than taking a ‘preaching’ approach, she allows everyone to feel included and connected by keeping her lyrics bright and inviting. Her message is empowering to anybody who is willing to keep an open mind and embrace faith, whatever that means to them.

On top of her atmosphere of positivity, Eve DeVault reaches the emotions of her listeners through her gut-wrenching electronic synths, pounding drum lines, and angelic vocals. Although many things have been stripped away from us during this whirlwind of a year, Eve DeVault is holding onto the love in her life. Motivated by the love she has with her family, friends, church, and the Lord, we can count on the fountain of positivity that is Eve DeVault to continue inspiring us with her upcoming releases.

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