Artist Spotlight: Fall into the Charisma of Emerging Electronic Artist Anthony Hughes

Emerging artist Anthony Hughes is based in London and has sparked attention in the music industry with his debut in lively dance and electronic music. His dynamic vocalization and charismatic performance reveal the great potential for this new artist, who yearns to be recognized for his uniqueness.

Anthony Hughes is passionate about eccentricity and identity and being comfortable in his own skin is an attractive quality for new listeners.

Anthony Hughes’ vocals are electric and personal, accompanied by potent synths and magnetic beats. His recently released first single “My Thing” has set the bar high for first releases. Released alongside stunning visuals that strike from all angles show what Anthony Hughes is all about and exhibit his honest personality.

Wanting to bring something new to the ears of listeners, a leading goal of Anthony Hughes’ is to set himself apart from other artists, all while staying true to his artistic vision.

According to Anthony Hughes, this first single “My Thing” only scratches the surface of what he plans to do in the music industry for future releases. This up-and-coming artist is sure one to keep an eye out for in the near future.