Artist Spotlight: Gabriella Zauna Adds Another Dimension to Her Music

As a singer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Gabriella Zauna has many unique traits that allow her to stand out among other artists. As another tool in her belt, the young artist is also living with synesthesia, which gives her a perspective on music that cannot be compared to any other. Her experiences with synesthesia result in her senses being intertwined, meaning she associates each of her songs with its own color, number, texture, and shape.

Gabriella Zauna has written her recent song “damn i love the rain” with hopes that the listener is able to understand her mind on a deeper level. In a recent interview with BuzzMusic, the artist shared that she hopes fans are “able to enter her head and experience it not as if they were her, but as if they were using her brain as a lens for them to relate their personal experiences to.”

The up-and-coming artist has been working tirelessly to perfect her sound and make it the ideal representation of herself as she works on her new music. Fans can expect the release of an EP towards the end of the year, where they can further get to know Gabriella Zauna as an artist, and even as a person.