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Artist Spotlight: Getting to Know Kontent's Single, "2015"

Coming from South Tyrol, the artist and Rapper Kontent never thought that his hometown's music scene would impact him.

Through a previous interview with us, Kontent stated that his home's music serves textured folk and singer/songwriter, which inevitably inspired him to create vast depth within his "Kontent."

Influenced by Alternative Hip-Hop artists such as Tyler, The Creator, Kontent found himself pushing modern-day boundaries of traditional sounds.

With the release of his heartfelt single "2015," Kontent planned to transport listeners back to their first moments experiencing love while enforcing that vulnerability is a positive thing.

Placing love, vulnerability, and gratitude into this sweet-sounding single, Kontent felt inspired by today's turmoil and wanted listeners to feel grateful for their lives thus far, which is why he wished to channel their first experience with love.

If there were one message Kontent wanted listeners to take away from "2015," it would be to remain grateful for each experience with love you endure, as it's a learning experience that makes for picturesque memories. More recently, Kontent pushes himself outdoors to reconnect with nature and find musical inspiration through life's natural gifts.

Opening his mind to new experiences and creative endeavors, we definitely haven't seen the last of Kontent and his dynamic sound.

Learn more about Kontent here.



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