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Artist Spotlight: Gina Falcone Promotes Self Worth Through Groovy R&B

Gina Falcone is an R&B Singer and Songwriter who is simply bursting with soul. Her music style combines the classic essence of the old-fashioned soul with the spunky ferocity of new-age R&B. To accompany her groovy beats and melodic soundscapes, Gina’s passion is contagious in her vocals. 

Gina has made it to this point through nothing but hard work and determination, and her desire to grow as an artist never fades. Her musical optimism for the future ensures that her sound will always remain unique as it evolves with the times.

To add more flavors of originality, Gina Falcone likes to collaborate with other artists like Dreci for a fresh sound. Lyrically, Gina Falcone often shapes her songwriting to highlight relevant social issues within society. She uses her platform as an artist to spread an empowering message about self-confidence and self-worth.

With the belief that creativity will always heal, Gina Falcone is not letting anything stop her as she continues to push forward as an artist and release more authentic tracks.

Check out our recent interview with Gina Falcone here.



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