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Artist Spotlight: Hip-Hop Artist OUTTATUNE Radiates Positivity

The young Hip-Hop artist finds his inspiration through impactful experiences and creates his sonic artwork based on his life lessons. He is the type of Hip-Hop artist who pushes the boundaries between genres by incorporating acoustic strums to diversify his soundscapes.

Consumed with intrusive thoughts of past relationships, OUTTATUNE began a journey of mindfulness while visiting his brother in Colorado at the age of 24. Through self-reflection on various mountaintops, the artist concluded that he was too young to find himself lost in the past.

Ever since his life-changing Colorado adventure, OUTTATUNE has used his platform to address the importance of acceptance and forgiveness. By writing his verses with real emotion, OUTTATUNE can capture the attention of Hip-Hop lovers through organic instrumentation and dynamic verses while he shares with his fans the importance of love in our lives.

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