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Artist Spotlight: Homeless in Hawaii Transforms to Deliver Sonic Experiences, Again and Again

The Calgary based alternative-rock group, Homeless in Hawaii is an alternative 4-piece band that will lock you in with their music, the moment you hit play. You are emersed by their soundscapes that fill the room, combined with their lyrics and vocals that will be sure to leave an impression. Especially with Homeless in Hawaii's latest release “Darker Days.” With the use of unconventional rhythms and structures, Homeless in Hawaii have us constantly at the edge of our seats waiting to hear what they will release next.

Taking inspirations from icons that include Billie Eilish, Music, and even Queen. Homeless in Hawaii knows how to make something that will catch the listener's attention and continues to push the boundaries of what music is capable of. With their upcoming album 'The Fear Of Missing Out' due to release soon and being two years in the making, the only thing we can be sure of is that we are completely ready to be taken to a new world.



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