Artist Spotlight: Ionika Blends High Energy and Passionate Music

Philadelphia-based artist Ionika brings to you a devoted blend of R&B, Hip Hop, and Pop music with all the intense flavors and energy needed for success.

Ionika is a music producer, songwriter, and rapper that finds his passion for trying new things and keeping his music profound and personal. He is able to picture a music soundscape in his mind and experiment with different sounds until he creates the perfect blend of dynamic and memorable melodies. Ionika consistently keeps it real with lyrics that will have you sinking into the story. With influences such as Skrillex and Avicii, Ionika aims to set the bar high with his inventive verses and picturesque landscapes. his attention to detail helps all the elements of the production come together for a captivating experience, such as with his recent release “Perfect” featuring 808 Carter.

Ionika is always open to new ideas and creative visions, and will no doubt keep it fresh with every new release. His music stems from making sure it is representative of him as an artist and what he stands for, and from that will bring a devoted audience eager to hear what comes next from Ionika. Check out our recent interview with Ionika here