Artist Spotlight: Jacob Gonzalez Is on Track to Dominate the Music Industry

Jacob Gonzalez has chased his dreams all the way to Los Angeles, to fuel his ambitions and creative appetite. His burning hunger to dominate the entertainment industry is inspiring.

His latest release “Never Met” put Gonzalez in the limelight where he truly belongs. It’s hard to believe that this studio-quality track was recorded within the walls of his bedroom, the standard of this quality speaks to his talents as a creator. Overall “Never Met,” is a sonic treat to the ears!

In a recent interview with BuzzMusic when asked about how he stays inspired during the hard times Jacob said “Streaming Music, I think my Spotify rewind said I had over 300 hours listened.”

He has a diverse variety of musical influences that he listens to from The Killers, Lana Del Rey, The Weeknd, Bleachers, and some oldies like ABBA, and Fleetwood Mac. His passion for music is evident in all aspects of his life. 

We are keeping an eye out for Jacob Gonzalez to see what this talented artist will do next. 

You can learn more about Jacob Gonzalez here