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Artist Spotlight: Jane Handcock Spills Her Heart Out Again

Oakland Singer/Songwriter Jane Handcock creates a sweet journey for listeners with a recent hit, "DOA".

The combination of her deeply heartfelt lyricism and mesmerizing vocals showcase her incredible artistic growth and maturity since her first release.

As a songwriter, Handcock is committed to creating music that comes straight from her heart, and she spills her heart on this track. “DOA” has a highly captivating production to it and Handcock writes a highly relatable story inspired by phone conversations with her close circle of friends.

During the challenging moments of 2020, Handcock found inspirations from focusing on herself and the things that she loves to create. She spends her time creating and honing in on her craft. Her dedication and her diligence to her creativity are truly inspirational. Jane Handcock is indeed an artist to keep an eye on.

To learn more about Jane Handcock's music click here.



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