Lose Yourself in Jane Handcock's Mesmerizing R&B With Her Recent Hit, "DOA"

The Oakland Singer/Songwriter Jane Handcock takes listeners through a vastly modern R&B dream with her recent hit, "DOA." With her highly anticipated album "Fa Real" released on all streaming platforms, Jane Handcock has shown incredible growth and maturity since her first few releases. Creating music straight from the heart while singing and rapping to display her versatility, Jane Handcock is indeed an artist to keep an eye on. 

Her single "DOA" submerges listeners in the sweet and sultry world of R&B, while Jane Handcock delivers her mesmerizing vocals with deeply heartfelt lyricism. While riding the blissful beat with elegance and pride, Handcock tells a highly relatable story over top of captivating production.

"DOA" calmly opens with drifting R&B production through tapping trap drums and Jane Handcock's warm vocals. As she begins questioning someone's intentions and what they're looking for in her, Handcock delivers her lyrical content with a tremendous sense of pride and confidence. 

The supporting production continues to drift in the background through subtle pads, soft keys, and intoxicating sub-bass that pulls us in deeper. As the track continues, Jane Handcock's surreal vocal layering offers incredible harmonies that speak to the listener's heart and soul. 

Delivering a highly reflective and introspective piece with "DOA,' Jane Handcock spills her heart on this track for listeners to find peace and bask in the song's universal concept. 


We love the raw emotion and heart you've infused into your track, "DOA." What inspired you to write a heartfelt song questioning someone's intentions?

Thank you! Phone conversations with my friends really inspired “DOA”. At times in my circle of friends, we find ourselves interested in a new “prospect” & then maybe a week later, he ghosts one of us or he does something wack to eliminate himself. “DOA” is definitely one of those fun ways of telling someone not to play with your feelings or it’s pretty much over. 

How did you create such a warm and reflective atmosphere for your track "DOA"? How did you shape the sonics to deliver the same vibe as your lyrics?

I just feel. I’d be dishonest if I said that I’m strategic in how the sonics & lyrics align in my songs. I freestyle a lot. I just know that there’s a certain feeling I get & when I don’t get that feeling, the song isn’t it for me. “DOA” just felt right.

We've heard that you recently released an album titled "Fa Real." Could you take us through the album's theme and concept, and what the project means to you?

“Fa Real” is basically a timeline & story of what I feel & experience. Those who know me, know that I’ll always the phrase “fa real” in my sentences/lingo lol. I felt that “Fa Real” described the songs & mood for this body of work based on the topics I touched on. Everything from, going to chill with your boo to feeling played to being frustrated with the ways of the world we live in right now are all real moments. “Fa Real” is for those who relate. Most likely when you listen, somewhere in this project you’re gonna agree with a “fa real” lol. 

We can't help but notice the modern artwork for your album "Fa Real." Could you tell us the significance of the artwork and the role it plays on the album?

Big shoutout to the one behind the artwork, Davis! I wanted a cover that everyone could grasp right away. I also love cartoons so, I basically wanted a visual [in cartoon form] that depicted who I really am. A young woman who’s been kinda stuck at home like a lot of people at this time, holding my cat & working on my computer.

This year has been extremely difficult for the music industry. What has been your biggest source of inspiration while creating new music, this year

I think my biggest source of inspiration was always focusing on me & what I like to create. I spend the most time creating & honing the skills I do have & I just ultimately life with a crazy, psycho based faith that nothing or no one could ever stop what’s to come for me. Right now is a time for me to stay diligent & I believe it’s working for me, more than it did pre-COVID.