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Artist Spotlight: KeylonThaDon Always Produces Good Vibes

Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and raised in Houston, Texas, KeylonThaDon has always had an irresistible wanderlust. His nomad personality is projected through his music style. Keylon happened upon his passion for creating music when he was in college, and his creative intuitions allowed him to blossom from that point. He originally put so much time into music because it was a form of therapy for his difficult emotions at the time.

Combining aspects of Hip-Hop and R&B, KeylonThaDon can always be counted on to release the type of production you can vibe to. He will pair a heart-thumping beat with a playful soundscape while he stays true to R&B soul with his vocals.

Often collaborating with other artists allows for a refreshing sound to each song, keeping fans on their toes. Always ‘committed 110% to the game,’ fans can count on KeylonThaDon to continue to engineer and produce the type of music they can vibe to.

Check out our recent interview with KeylonThaDon here.



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