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Artist Spotlight: Kick Back with Eclectic Hip-Hop and R&B Collaborators Owl Green and Amplified

Coming at us straight from sunny Santa Cruz, California, Hip-Hop artists Owl Green and Amplified have joined forces to produce a multidimensional sonic experience called “Kick Back.”

The Bay Area’s artists each bring their own creativity to the table when it comes to their rejuvenating collaborations. Living in different places doesn’t stop these musicians from making the most of their electric combination. During their songwriting processes, the artists are sure not to force anything artificial.

Amplified and Owl Green wait patiently for the right inspiration to overcome them, allowing the artists to weave together a poetic narrative with each release. Both Amplified and Owl Green plan to continue monopolizing the world of Hip-Hop and R&B as they release more audiovisual experiences for their fans.

Owl Green is set to come out with a new EP in the near future, and listeners can’t wait to immerse themselves in the beguiling sonic atmospheres created by these budding artists.

Learn more about Owl Green and Amplified's collaboration here.


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