"Kick Back" and Relax with Owl Green and Amplified's Chill New Single

Hailing from the Bay Area and Santa Cruz, CA, the two Hip-Hop and R&B Artists Owl Green and Amplified team up to release their cool, calm, and collected single, "Kick Back."

Owl Green offers listeners his textured bars, which have been a decade in the making, describing his re-worked sound as 'Lo-Fi vibes with swing and swagger.'

On the other hand, Amplified comes in as a staple opening act through multiple performances with Vans Warped Tour while weaving through the fabrics of a classic and experimental sound. 

Through their recent hit, "Kick Back," listeners get to hear the unique stylings of Owl Green and Amplified through their fiercely poised bars and relaxed delivery. While the two artists bring authenticity to the Hip-Hop/R&B scene through their playful delivery, Owl Green and Amplified soar over the track with immense rhythm and grooves that provoke the listener's inner-dancer to come forward.

"Kick Back" opens with plucky electric guitar offering this bluesy R&B atmosphere at a mid-tempo pace. Once Owl Green's G-Eazy-like vocals enter the song, he provides a highly relaxed and laidback feel through his lyrics surrounding his skill towards quarantining.

While wishing to slow the world down and kick back with a joint, Amplified comes in and steals the show. We can't help but feel a similar flow to J Cole through Amplified's rhythmic lyrical abilities and profound pronunciation, inevitably emphasizing his verses focal points.

The supporting production drifts through Hip-Hop, R&B, and a sliver of Alternative through the hazy West Coast-inspired electric guitar that sweetens the song. 

A needed collaboration for the times, Owl Green and Amplified have teamed up to push greatness with their laidback tune "Kick Back," encouraging listeners to take their quarantines one chill day at a time. 

We love the warm and relaxed vibes you offer within your single, "Kick Back." What pushed you to release this song now, instead of when quarantine started back in March?

Owl Green: Honestly, the song wasn’t even started at that time. In a perfect world, we would have. But on the creative side, in March, I wasn’t quite inspired to write a track like this. I think after a few months of actually living in quarantine, I got to have the experience to actually write the song that I felt fit my experience. 

Amplified: This song was written far after March, and wouldn't even be emotionally able to write at the time. The world was in such a fragile place at that time and so was our minds and thoughts. It wasn't until later when quarantine life settled in and we had to make the most of the situations at home. 

Speaking on the vastly different yet conceptually similar verses between Owl Green and Amplified on "Kick Back," how did the two of you write your bars to offer this powerful sensation of relaxation?

Owl Green: I wanted to keep my verse pretty light this time. I wanted to focus my lyrics on things (game boys, 2k, Gushers, La Croix) rather than heavy hard-hitting bars. I really brainstormed what I had been up to since the lockdown and what would really bring out myself. Hobbies like what you drink, or what you play really help people get to know you. 

Amplified: Owl is such a master in the pocket on his verse and really set the tone and vibe with all his visual references. When he asked me to be on the song, I really felt like I needed to weave in and out of the pocket within singing to almost double-time like triplets and contrast his energy to help bring the song to the epic climactic chorus at the end. I wanted to continue to guide the energy of the song uphill 

Seeing as "Kick Back" was produced by André Paxton, were the two of you in on the production process to help bring the song's vision to life? What was it like working with André Paxton?

Owl Green: Being that Amplified and myself live in different places we actually didn’t get to sit in the studio and work together. Believe it or not, André and Amp have never met. I had sat down with André and showed him a similar style beat and he created his own version of it. We spent a day working on the track and had a really good rough draft after only a day. I showed Amp the demo and told him the concept and he was super down to be apart of the project. Working with André is really special. He is super talented and such a great musician he can do anything. We work out of his home studio and the vibes there are so awesome. The quality and sound we get there are perfect we don’t even need a commercial space. Also whenever I go over there he has a smoothie made and waiting for me. He is a dope ass producer and his hosting skills are off the chart. I can’t express how thankful I am to be able to work with André, we make some really special music together. 

Amplified: What Owl said! Lol

Within your track "Kick Back," is there any message that you were subliminally telling listeners? Did you want to encourage your audience to stay safe while making the most of their time inside?

Owl Green: I hope everyone wants people to stay safe both inside and out. But I think what we wanted to convey in this song were the small joys of being home. Living in California we are still on a lockdown pretty much. And as people are going crazy and struggling to be stuck at home, this song was made to help you take a step back, breathe and just have fun with the simple joys of being at home. We kinda wanted to make a stay at home banger style anthem but not be cheesy and I think the tune really embodied it. 

Amplified: This song to me was just about having fun, and while we're here stuck inside, let's get back to the ones we love and experience each other at the moment because when life was "normal" we're always on the go and didn't connect or value our moments together as we should. 

What can listeners anticipate to hear next from you both?

Owl Green: I am currently working on a new EP, and in the meantime, I’ll be dropping some singles leading up to it. As the year winds down I’m really trying to gear up for next year. I have some more collars in the works as well that I’m super excited to share!

Amplified: More singles and more visuals, for your eyes and ears.


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