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Artist Spotlight: Lauren Dair Connects With Fans on Emotionally Through Her Meaningful Songwriting

Originating from Alaska, young artist Lauren Dair moved to California to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Fans may recognize Dair from her television debut acting as Zooey Deschanel’s younger self on “New Girl.” However, acting is not Lauren’s only talent; she is a gifted singer and songwriter who is beginning to make waves in the music industry.

By keeping her background music soft and modest, she leaves room for her natural talents of singing and songwriting to take the spotlight. With her delicate and passionate voice, Lauren’s sound is easily welcomed by listeners and encourages them to let their guard down. Her true gift lies within her ability to connect with the listener by telling a story through her lyrics. She can translate her exact emotions and feelings through her music, allowing the listener to put themselves in her shoes. Lauren Dair has no trouble capturing her fans' hearts and will continue to penetrate emotional walls throughout her musical career.



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