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Artist Spotlight: Lil Jackie’s Ambition And Drive Have Inspired Us

Lil Jackie is making a name for herself in San Francisco as a Recording Artist and Actor.

Initially, Lil Jackie found herself gaining attention from the release of a dancing video done to Beyonce's tracks, resulting in millions of views. She can also be spotted on Nickelodeon and Disney channel with her acting endeavors.

Her latest release "Canceled," is a toe-tapping tune that is easily relatable. This song is a blend of punchy production with Lil Jackie spitting her bars with the utmost power and spirit. This song talks about the troubles that 2020 has seen while she brings all the energy and stamina to keep prevailing forward.

Her next projects include the release of her next single on Friday the 13th, she will also be part of Nickelodeon’s Top Elf starting the week of November 19th. While Hollywood has kept her busy with auditions she continues to work on new music to release.

Lil Jackie’s ambition and drive for success have made her an artist to keep an eye out for!

You can learn more about her here.


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