Lil Jackie Sings of the "Canceled" Year, With Her Latest Lively Single

Hailing from San Francisco, the Recording Artist and Actor Lil Jackie drops a toe-tapping tune that everyone can relate to with, "Canceled." 

Lil Jackie initially found herself garnering attention through releasing a dance video to Beyonce's "Sorry," followed by another video in Beyonce's Coachella outfit and nailing the choreography, resulting in millions of views. Lil Jackie can also be found on Nickelodeon and Disney channel through her acting endeavors. 

Through her latest single, "Canceled," Lil Jackie explores the heat of Hip-Hop and R&B within the song's punchy production while spitting her bars with the utmost life and enthusiasm. Even though her lyrical content covers our troubles that surfaced this past year, Lil Jackie brings all the energy and stamina to keep moving forward. 

"Canceled" opens with vibrant bass-like synths that push as the song's main instrumental melodies. The supporting drum patterns and breaks are incredibly modern, infused with the raw energy and passion that Hip-Hop and R&B have to offer. As Lil Jackie begins to spit her bars in an incredibly playful way, we can't help but hear the likes of Doja Cat through Lil Jackie's energetic delivery and brightly layered vocals. 

Around the hook, Lil Jackie gives an ode to the late Whitney Houston while capturing hints of her single, "I Wanna Dance With Somebody." Listening to Lil Jackie's lyricism, she offers a highly relatable message while singing of anything and everything that's been "Canceled."

Lil Jackie has offered a highly enthusiastic tune with "Canceled," while she sings of the unpleasant events that have taken place this year. Offering listeners something to get down within their bedrooms, Lil Jackie is waiting to get back to normal just like the rest of us. 

Our heads are bopping away with your latest lively single, "Canceled." What inspired you to release an upbeat banger regarding this year's turmoil?

I was talking to my music manager, Brian, about my next single and I told him that I wanted to write about all the things that were happening. I wanted to express what I was going through… and tell how much I miss the things I use to do. One of the biggest things that upset me was my Golden birthday was supposed to be at Disneyland. I was supposed to have the Mickey Mouse Pent House and have my family celebrate with me. Did you have any help with the production on "Canceled"? What sort of atmosphere did you want to offer through the song's sonics?

I was laying in bed with my mom and grabbed my notepad. And she said to write down the things that I was down about. So I started with Movies Canceled because I and my Dad always went to the movies together. Vacay Canceled because we travel a lot and I was really looking forward to visiting my Auntie Jennifer in New York. Concerts Canceled because I miss going to concerts and performing at my shows. Birthdays Canceled because our family cannot celebrate the way we normally do and my birthday at Disneyland was canceled. School Canceled, because I miss my friends and teachers and walking through the school halls. We can't help but hear a striking resemblance between your vocals and Doja Cat's within "Canceled." Is Doja a significant inspiration in your musical career, or was this resemblance unintentional?

I think you’re talking about the hook…actually it was me with my cousins Ally and Aliyah singing the hook.    At such a young age, how do you manage to create music that garners attention from not just children but listeners of all ages? What does your songwriting process look like?

Well, I remember my music producer Preston saying that we need music that will gain the attention of the young, as well as the old like Michael Jackson, New Edition, and Beyonce, did. Even though they were young artists their music was liked by adults too who would sing and dance to their songs.   What can we expect to see next from you as we enter a new year?

Funny you ask because I release my single Friday the 13th and will be on Nickelodeon’s Top Elf starting next week November 19th. Hollywood is starting to film so I have been very busy with auditions so hopefully more opportunities to be on TV and maybe a Movie. At the same time, I will keep working on my music and hopefully be able to do shows again.