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Artist Spotlight: Listeners Get the Real Deal with Jackie June

Remember New Jersey Singer/Songwriter Jackie June? Her emotionally-driven singles may jog your memory, and her lyrical compositions most definitely will. Always remaining true to her truth and sound, Jackie June knows how to establish quality music that contains nothing but a real heart. In an effort to inspire her listeners to follow their own truth and path, Jackie June shapes her music around each and every message she strives to communicate to her listeners.

One of her past singles, "Can't Quit You", did exactly that, and highlighted the path to understanding one's self, and all of the positive outlooks that can surface as a result. 

Jackie June's intrinsic energy would be another element to her music that's difficult to forget and ultimately due to the fact she can really make you feel something as a listener. Jackie's outlook has always remained positive, and that type of energy completely radiates off of her. Shaping the majority of her music around vulnerable and personal experiences, Jackie June is not afraid to show her authentic self to listeners and further, to expose her raw adventures with life. Listeners can expect to receive a real person and real music with Jackie June, which should only inspire readers to check out her truthful song releases. Whatever it is we get with Jackie June, we know it'll be nothing short of genuine. 

Check out our recent interview with Jackie June here.



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