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Artist Spotlight: Lo Shares His Personal Stories in His Music

The Hip-Hop / Neo-Soul hybrid artist Lo is all about giving people to think about with every lyric; he does this through the use of clever metaphors that are openly relatable for anyone to relate to. Lo has the tendency in his music to lure you into the world he is creating, especially in his latest release, “Living.” We couldn’t help but feel almost hypnotized in the story that Lo was unfolding to us. The stories that we were being told of are ones that we felt deeply connected to. Lo’s story of learning his love for rap while growing up and then fusing all of his influences to create this amazing blend in his music that feels both fresh and familiar was something that we found inspiring for many other artists to take notes on. Ultimately, Lo is a storyteller of his own life and uses this to help inspire others to become their better selves. In his latest release, “Living,” Lo talks to us about the current state of life and his aspirations for his future. This genuinely is something that speaks out to us and shows a lot of the open nature of Lo’s persona. Lo is guaranteeing for us to hear new singles in 2020 and also a music video for “Living,” we can’t wait to hear what is coming next.

Listen to “Living” by Lo here.

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