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Artist Spotlight: Maddisun is a Free Spirit

From beautiful British Columbia, Canada, Maddisun is an Indie/Alternative Singer and Songwriter with a vibrant, folksy sound.

She showed her determination as an artist by writing, producing, and releasing her album “Self Reflections” throughout the ups and downs of 2020. Having grown up in a family of musicians, Maddisun has always been heavily immersing in the music scene. She started learning piano at age 5, and her multitude of musical talents have continued to blossom since that day. Her unique voice can fit any mood; she manipulates it depending on the current tone of her song. 

Maddisun doesn’t allow herself to be boxed in by one specific genre, and generally seeks inspiration from a variety of different mediums. Often inspired by the beauties of nature and her environment, Maddisun has a knack for making the listener feel as if they are enjoying breathtaking scenery with her music. Her songs are a soundtrack for travels, summer days, car rides, and anything that represents good times. 

Check out our recent interview with Maddisun here.


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