Artist Spotlight: Monnize Wolff

Los Angeles native Monnize Wolff brings a perspective of vulnerability to her memory of living in the moment.

Her new single “Respira'' showcases her creative songwriting abilities as the Portuguese title translates to breathe and is one to allow her vocals to cascade upon. The raw emotion in each lyric connects to an infectious, instrumental groove that encourages listeners to take in life’s finer moments and to find peace and tranquility within them.

The influence Monnize Wolff spreads onto her audience is one of an easygoing and optimistic manner as her heavenly vocals and intoxicating melodies share these memories in slow motion. Having the opportunity to produce this track with Multi-platinum award-winning audio engineer, IRKO, allowed “Respira” to become a seamless, angelic track that pushes Wolff’s passion to shine through.

Listeners are sure to feel peace and presence in life's most overwhelming and confusing moments as they listen to “Respira."