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Artist Spotlight: Naviyah Spreads a Positive Message with her Pop/Rap Bangers

Coming at us from South London, Singer and Songwriter Naviyah is well known for her recent birthday banger “Birthday Drink,” which energetically represents her signature sonic fusion of Pop and Rap.

As both a born again Christian and a Pop/Rap artist, she is a fusion of spirituality and sonic triumphs. With each rambunctious track, she creates an anthem for youthful crowds looking for something to celebrate.

Naviyah stands out in the industry with her subtle lyrical message to her young fans. She aims to motivate her listeners to drink responsibly. With the acceptance that people will drink during festivities, she focuses her attention on drinking safely – rather than abstaining completely.

While maintaining a joyous energy Naviyah successfully spreads a message of accountability and maturity during those carefree moments. Fans can expect to be showered with new songs and videos from Naviyah in the next year, and can even get their hopes up for an album release. She plans to diversify her music style by experimenting with a variety of genres and collaborating with other artists in the new year.

Learn more about Naviyah and her music here.


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