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Artist Spotlight: Need a Solid Breakup Tune? Stephània is Your Girl

Berklee College of Music student Stephània has an eclectic strategy when it comes to crafting her personalized sound. As a pop-inspired, soulful vocalist, Stephània pushes for her emotional expressions to shine through her lyrics, as she isn't afraid of getting vulnerable and deep with her listening base.

The last time we featured Stephània on BuzzMusic, she debuted her single, "Tell Me," which focused on an ex-lover-inspired narrative. Written in the Summer of 2019, "Tell Me" was constructed right after an impactful breakup occurred in Stephània's life. She's parading her truth and isn't afraid for listeners to understand a deeper side to her. This song was her first opportunity to show that she's able to get immensely vulnerable with her audience, and the product ended up being goosebump-worthy.

All in all, "Tell Me" was Stephània's debut with a more mature, refined sound and narrative. Her next plan is to finish her schooling and take on the trek to Los Angeles to pursue her music career. Stephània, wherever the road takes you, we'll be right there listening.

Catch the full BuzzMusic x Stephània article here.

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