Artist Spotlight: Nicole & Scotty Talk 2019 and New Music!

Sibling duo Nicole & Scotty are based in Southern California and using their songwriting skills to curate Pop soundings. Starting off with a Youtube channel in 2013, Nicole & Scotty have progressed their music and overall sound, snatching over 740k streams on Spotify! Their sound is very alluring and smooth. The vocal tendencies of Nicole are what surges with confidence, and then Scotty's voice brings that bright and moving tune. When going through their recently released music in 2019, we come across a few tracks that surge with that exact confidence and radiance was mentioned before!

Diving deep into the release history of Nicole & Scotty, we come across one single titled “#Queen” and it’s gained serious traction within the pop music scene. As a Trip/Hop track, we’re receiving different elements than previously constructed tracks from Nicole & Scotty. Looking at more of their releases, we give a listen to their follow up track to “#Queen”, “Can Be Beautiful”, and immediately are hypnotized by that prominent rhythm chosen for the track, and of course that flawless integration of vocals from both Nicole & Scotty. Fast forward to 2019, early December saw the release of “Sweet N’ Sour”, which gave us that tenacity and vigor we craved. Nicole & Scotty aim to entertain with their collective harmonious voices, and quite frankly, we’re soaking up the experience! We hope to see more from the iconic sibling duo in the year to come, but for now, we’re streaming “Sweet N‘ Sour” on repeat! 

Check out the soundings of Nicole & Scotty here.


Hello, Nicole & Scotty! It’s amazing we can get the chance to talk over your music, and the recent release of “Sweet N’ Sour”! How have you both felt since the release of your December single?

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us, guys! Always a pleasure to interview with BuzzMusic. We're super stoked to have gotten "Sweet N' Sour" out to our supporters! We wrote it and first started playing it live earlier this year in January, so we can't tell you how many messages we've received begging us to finally put it out there since, haha.

It must be such an interesting dynamic as a sibling duo! Do you think more creative challenges arise due to this, or does the sibling aspect actually aid in the curation process?

Oh our sibling connection absolutely aids us during the creative process. We have 4 years between us (Scotty being the younger sibling), but we always joke that we must really be twins because we've always been best friends. So it's kind of like wherever one of us leaves off when writing, the other one picks up. We're most comfortable and productive when we're working together.

As audio engineers and producers, do you both produce your own tracks?! 

We do indeed! Everything you hear on our tracks is all our own handiwork. :) We have a home studio we affectionately call The Beach Room and offer production, mix, and master services to anyone looking for them as well! Just shoot us a DM on Instagram to book a session.

How do you both collectively feel about the advancement of your sound since releases such as “#Queen” to “Sweet N’ Sour”? 

We feel like we've definitely become less concerned about writing within the confines of genres and have become a lot more comfortable with experimenting and evolving our sound. Exploring and getting outside of your comfort zone is key! We've learned that you really have to just let the song breathe and take you where it wants to go when it comes to writing.

Are there any genres that you two could see integrating within your next sound? Particularly, a genre that hasn’t been seen yet being blended within the sound that makes up Nicole & Scotty?

Absolutely! We've both really gotten into melodic dubstep and future bass lately (think Illenium, Said The Sky, Dabin), and we're actually working on a couple of tracks with similar energy. Can't wait to share what we have in the works!

Thanks again Nicole & Scotty! It was great to chat over music, and get to know the sibling duo a bit better! What’s the first step you plan to make as a duo in 2020?

Thank you guys again! It was great to chat with you as well! Our first few steps into 2020 will involve releasing a collaboration with a super talented friend, making moves behind the scenes, and hitting up NAMM for the first time next month. Plans are in motion to make next year a big one for this duo. :)