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Artist Spotlight: Pavy Shows Us Both Sides of His Music

Pavy is here to deliver music that serves as a portal for his limitless creativity, inspiration, and discovery. After being raised in 4 different countries around Africa, Pavy writes music that has the personal meaning of home, self-love, and life. All he needed to jumpstart his hard-hitting bars was to hear that sweet, sweet instrumental beat for his creative juices to start flowing naturally and then to come up with a tune rather quickly. This was something that had sparked the creation of his latest release “2 Blues”, making his vocals the forefront, Pavy delivers edgy in your face vocals that sit overtop a crisp production that sings.

Pavy’s music is direct; he cuts to the chase with each verse and leaves no room for error. Being known as the loudest person in the room to now being known as the person who can deliver the same message no matter how hard he may come across, Pavy is an entertainer that many fans will be able to relate to. His latest release, “2 Blues”, being one of those tunes that you’ll want to blast out your car while driving at night, is something that he created to show the world the other side of who he is. It’s hard to pinpoint where Pavy will be going next, but all we do know is that new content will be coming our way. We can’t wait to hear what Pavy will deliver to the table next. You can find "2 Blues" here.

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