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Artist Spotlight: Pop Cautious Speaks for Peace, Unity, and Love

Born and raised in the city of Houston, Texas, Tyler Porterfield is making a name for himself in the indie scene as Pop Cautious.

He is a singer and songwriter who advocates for justice through his lyricism. As the founder of Pop Cautious Records, he has bestowed upon himself a noble mission to spread peace, unity, love, and honesty through his music. With a focus on overcoming adversity, Pop Cautious uses his witty and introspective lyrics to connect with his entire audience. It comes as no surprise to learn that some of his favorite musicians are Bob Marley and John Lennon because of their powerful songwriting.

Pop Cautious stays true to the use of purposeful lyrics, but he adds his own contemporary indie spin musically. His instrumentals will have your hair standing on end with delicate piano chords and soulful acoustic guitars. 

Pop Cautious’ label is currently working on a variety of compilation records that will bring attention to relevant issues of today: Native American Rights, Women in Music, and Black Artist’s albums. With such a compelling setlist in the works, fans are ecstatic for what else Pop Culture will bring us.

Learn more about Pop Cautious here.

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