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Artist Spotlight: Pop Sensation Hannah Gross Captivates Listeners with Fearless and Dynamic Music

Hannah Gross became an overnight hit last year in 2019 with the release of her upbeat and fire singles “Fuck The Party” and “Birthday”.

Gathering herself a following and racking up over 100 000 listens on Spotify, Hannah has been able to take her career to the next level. Her diversity as an artist allowed her to do a 180 on her next single, with the somber and heartbreaking release of “Tell Me”. 

Hannah Gross uses her incredibly rich vocals to deliver the performance of a lifetime and weave her stories through the verses. She connects with her listeners through her intricate lyrics, wanting to help those who have gone through the same feelings. 

With influences like Florence and the Machine and Fleetwood Mac, Hannah crafts a piercing but delicate pop sound that you won’t soon forget. Working together with talented co-writers who help embellish her songs, she is able to manifest her catchy pop melodies and heart-wrenching lyrics.

She stays inspired by her close friends and family, who keep her grounded and remind her to stay positive and work hard. Wherever her career takes her next, Hannah Gross will without a doubt bring all that she’s got.

Learn more about Hannah Gross here.


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