Artist Spotlight: Prepare to be Entranced by Almost Sex

Picture lounging in a dark room atop hardwood floors of antique oak. There’s a stool, wisps of smoke from a Cuban cigar, a generous glass of whisky – neat … and a guitar. 

Almost Sex embodies a sultry, passionate spirit that will consume the listener from within. They are a brand new folk-duo who are diving headfirst into the Folk-Pop music scene with their debut single “Knockoff.” Multi-instrumentalist H. Warren LaSota is the mastermind of the project; her lyrics will transport the listener into another realm.

With her contributions, each song becomes a novel that inculcates a different emotion at each chapter, like a never-ending tango of fervor. Nick Louis, also a multi-instrumentalist and lyricist, focuses his talents on lead vocals and instrumentals.

You can almost visualize his fingers sliding across the strings of his acoustic as his vocals render the listener truly exposed. With Almost Sex you don’t just hear their music, you feel it.

Learn more about Almost Sex here.