Artist Spotlight: Prepare to Feel Lifted with Gospel Artist Daniel Ojo

Coming at us from Canada's capital city, Daniel Ojo is a Gospel Artist and Worship Leader of The Psalmist Music Industry who seeks to use his vast music platform to spread the love of Jesus. The Ottawa artist is brimming with talent as a musician, singer, songwriter, and producer. As a passionate worshiper, Daniel Ojo has been encouraged by other worship leaders and gospel artists to maximize his soul message reach.

Daniel Ojo takes advantage of vocalizations' raw and natural beauty by incorporating a chorus of heavenly tenors. In combination with his extensive vocal range, his symphonic production quality creates feelings of euphoria and divinity. Daniel Ojo's hopes as an artist are for his music to birth a hunger and thirst within his audience to seek God's presence. Significantly, during the pandemic's troubling times, Daniel Ojo aims to enrich the relationship his listeners have with God.

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