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Artist Spotlight: Raised on TV Sets High Standards For Themselves and Their Music

The San Fernando duo known as Raised on TV is back on BuzzMusic giving a glimpse of what these brothers are all about. After highlighting their recent cover of Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts” and an informative interview, we’re ready to let you in on their next move. Raised on TV grew up as brothers in a musical family, with vast influences from John Lennon to Chuck Berry, we’re able to thoroughly grasp Raised on TV’s explorative and fun-loving sound. Also known as Keaton and Kacey, the two brothers went into detail on their last interview with BuzzMusic, explaining how they’re constantly upping their game and setting high standards for themselves to meet up to.

Raised on TV’s musical instrumentation is made up of Keaton on vocals/guitar and Kacey on drums. While also serving comedic elements within their cover of “Truth Hurts”, Raised on TV also provides a wide variety of music from hard-hitting rock to a softer alternative sound. The duo has mentioned that from covers to singles or albums, Raised on TV thrives off creating music that's different and new. As of now, they’re in the midst of creating their next series of releases, while mentioning their next cover might just be from Big Sean’s discography, we’ll just have to wait and see with the unpredictable duo Raised on TV will do next.

Be sure to check out "Truth Hurts" here.



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