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Artist Spotlight: Recapping Thou Romeo's Music Video Release, "Mother of Pearl"

If you haven't already seen Thou Romeo's latest feature, then keep reading for a quick recap if you crave a thrilling listening adventure.

Thou Romeo released his celestial-inspired music video for his single, "Mother of Pearl." The visuals that Thou Romeo offered in his music video were insanely stimulating, always presenting viewers with eccentric graphics. The song itself is just as electrifying as the visual performance in "Mother of Pearl," and the creativity that manifests becomes inspirative. Thou Romeo collaborated with director John Carter and proved with this music video creative boundaries were broken, fulfilling his eclectic reputation.

During his exclusive interview, Thou Romeo shared that his ultimate goal was to combine a synthpop style with a glamorous-inspired rock song. The product is daring - it's the current progression of what's to come in the music industry. Thou Romeo plans on continuing his explosive, innovative extravaganza with an upcoming album release.

Read Thou Romeo's full BuzzMusic article here.


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