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Artist Spotlight: Redamancy Places Their Heart Into A Sound Exclusive To Them

With their band’s name directly translating to ‘a love returned in full,’ Redamancy’s chemistry goes back to their youth. Created from a place of full investment, the exclusive Pop-Rock sound that comes through the speakers is one that takes a modern approach as it touches on a myriad of genres surrounding the resonance portrayed in classic grooves.

Giving us a robust taste of what they do so well, Redamancy delivers the sensual feel of their latest single, “About Tomorrow,” the second song to be released from their forthcoming EP, ‘Revival.’

They are allowing listeners to grasp the full scope of what they have in store for us. The empowerment that is dispersed through such a record also allows the high octane vibrations of Adrian Garay on guitar, Andreas Landeck on bass, and frontwoman/vocalist Bella Musser, to truly radiate in a fashion that has us wanting more.

Stay tuned for November 19th when ‘Revival’ comes to all streaming platforms.


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