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Artist Spotlight: saintblu Is Pushing Musical Boundaries

Toronto's own saintblu is a passionate multi-talented artist and songwriter. In his latest release, "Baby (feat. kamrn)" saintblu shows a more vulnerable side of himself while wearing his heart on his sleeve.

The groove and smooth texture of this modern Pop/R&B track send an astonishingly direct message, and we love it. This track is full of spice and desire. We promise once you hear these heartfelt melodies, they'll be stuck in your head all day.

saintblu is currently hard at work on his forthcoming EP, 'As He Pleases,' which is set to be a genreless collection of tracks. When asked in a recent interview with BuzzMusic, he explains that he has recently been pulling a lot of influences from Madonna and Britney, as well as Ariana Grande, who was notably a big inspiration when creating his most recent song "Baby (feat. kamrn)."

He has also taken influence from artists such as Phoebe Bridges to give him an overall unique sound. In the interview, he goes onto say, "The only challenge I face while making this EP is having everything sound cohesive, which is why I wanna take my time with it."

saintblu is the perfect example of an artist hungry and ambitious to push creative boundaries within the industry. Be sure to follow along on saintblu's journey as he prepares to release more music with "crazy visuals". We can't wait to see what is next for him. next for him.

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