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Artist Spotlight: Senior Gee’s Purpose in This Lifetime

Senior Gee graces BuzzMusic once again, and this time we’d like to expand on Senior Gee’s journey and the initial inspiration for his single “Same Way (Voicemail 2 Momz) feat. Adele’s Voice”. After the unfortunate passing of his mother back in 2018, Senior Gee’s close friend and producer Bishop created a song for a project titled “The Broken Place.” They wanted none other than Senior Gee to express his genuine emotion and perform over the track. While Bishop’s mother sadly became ill and passed away, Senior Gee and Bishop knew precisely where they wanted to take the song while letting their mothers know that they’re still the warriors they were raised to be.

Speaking more on Senior Gee’s approach to rap in the modern world, while refraining from cursing, he’s effortlessly able to express himself naturally with the powerful force of simply being himself. Senior Gee noted that he’s well aware that some listeners may not be as open-minded as others, yet that doesn’t stop him from creating art that fulfills his soul’s purpose. Seeing as the universe has thrown many curveballs at Senior Gee, he is continually moving forward, but he takes it one step at a time and thanks to the powers above for blessing him another day.

Discover “Same Way (Voicemail 2 Momz) feat. Adele’s Voice" here.

Speaking on your single “Same Way (Voicemail 2 Momz) feat. Adele’s Voice” and “Ooohhh”, Senior Gee lets us realize how meaningful rap isn’t what’s popular today. What drove you to create these tracks that speak a broader message than what we normally hear? 

I can't say anything, in particular, drove me to create this music. I've always created my music based on feeling and what happens naturally during the creative process. I truly believe that's what helps me create the New Age Hip-Hop music that I'm making (If it ain't broke don't fix it). Other than that it's easier to just be the best me, I'm not into pretending to be something I'm not for monetary gains. I'm very aware that everyone won't be receptive but, that doesn't mean I stop doing what I feel is a portion of my purpose in this lifetime.

We’d just like to say how refreshing it is to not only hear a great rap song without cursing but with honest and deep running concepts. What initially led you to this truly authentic and genuine sound? 

Again, humbly I have to repeat myself and say that it's just easy to just be me I'm just being myself and being natural so that's why it comes out effortlessly, with the inclusion of numerology, which is the core of New Age Hip-Hop. Any artists that you were inspired by? In regards to this record not anyone in particular, however, there's a plethora of artists and groups I've gained inspiration from over the years since childhood. But, ultimately Ms. Adele's Voice is the inspiration in itself. The words she sings has a lot to do with letting our mothers know we're going to be good, don't worry themselves and to enjoy their pieces of Heaven. Our mothers loved Adele as a recording artist so this record is a win on many levels.

Speaking on the artwork within “Same Way (Voicemail 2 Momz) feat. Adele’s Voice” and “Ooohhh”, you capture brilliant graffiti and complex sketches. What made Senior Gee so passionate about a record’s artwork, and how do you create artwork that relates to your music? 

I guess I'm just being a modern-day Alex Steinweiss. I mean back in the days when Columbia Records hired him as their first art director in 1938 he changed the game as far as artwork for records, he paved the way for an individual like me to have my own concept on how the artwork on a record cover can have value and it takes away from that value when you constantly see a parental advisory label, tag, tattoo pretty much on there. To me it just takes away from the equity of it. For example, any record cover that's worth a lot of currency doesn't have a parental advisory label on it. As far as creating artwork that relates to the music, well that's done in stages. Once the record is complete I go into graphic design mode and I rely on my close-knit team to assist me with finalizing an original concept that first comes to my mind but, it's all mainly based on feeling & intuition. 

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020? 

One thing for sure is, whatever Senior Gee does forthcoming BuzzMusic will be the 1st to know about it. Other than that, humbly, I'm going to sound like a broken record. Whatever the universe has in store for me I'll gracefully accept and just take it one day at a time; I'm just grateful my eyes opened up this morning.


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