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Artist Spotlight: Spirited Pop Singer/Songwriter Riley Wells

Rising Pop artist Riley Wells is sure to take your breath away with her high spirits. As if she’s a bright star in a night sky, her energy is contagious for fans; her pop songs are bubbly, youthful, and airy. With an education from the Berklee College of Music, Riley Wells uses her knowledge to her advantage when she writes and produces her music. Riley Wells writes her songs when she is feeling encapsulated by emotion at certain points in her life.

She uses these experiences to tell a story with her lyrics that fans will be able to compare to their own lives. Even while she records, Riley Wells allows the passion she feels from her storyline to drive her voice. There is a noticeable spark in her vocals – proving that her words are truly coming from the heart. As if Riley’s natural charm isn’t enough, her production is always set up to compliment her vocals.

Read our exclusive interview with Riley Wells here.


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