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Artist Spotlight: Toronto Rapper Munna Cash Fuses Trap and Hip-Hop

Yet another fresh rapper to find himself in the Toronto music scene, Munna Cash is a Trap-Hop Rapper who is making a name for himself internationally.

Munna Cash has been climbing the ladders of the city’s underground Rap scene as he continues to come out with vibrant releases.

Growing up, Munna Cash was exposed to a diverse array of genres through his parents and household which gave him an ear for all types of music. Although he likes all types of music, he always idolized his cousin, who had been part of a rap group.

In order to pursue his passion for Hip-Hop, Munna Cash has been working tirelessly to find his sound and make a name for himself. With inspirations such as Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Chief Keef, he has created a sound of provocative nonchalance.

With plans to throw his own show in the near future, Munna Cash aims to promote his record label Born Star Records as he continues to make waves in the Hip-Hop industry.

Learn more about Munna Cash here.


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