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Get to Know Toronto's Next Trap-Hop Sensation Munna Cash on his Latest Music Video "Taxi"

Bred from the distinguishing aesthetics of Toronto's Trap scene. Munna Cash is the freshest Rapper dilettante making a name for himself in Hip Hop's underground scene. On his latest fervently clad versifications, Cash riffles and maneuvers between scattering hi-hats, and blown-out 808, for the entirety of the intoxicating escapades behind "Taxi."

With a hot-off-the-press music feature attached to the inebriating sonic experience, it's impossible not to acknowledge the star-shaped mold Munna Cash's name could be garnishing in the future.

"Taxi" arrives off the heels of the Torontonian's newly released Extended Play titled, "Cash Season," where the young cut-throat Rapper infatuates us over his Big Screen Trap-House productions with a relentless nomadic measure. For his Video-cut, Cash transports us between the Central down-town streets of his native Canadian city amongst the aged neighborhoods of Old Toronto, with cuts between himself and his clique recoiling within Urban lofts and in the back of a yellow-cab Taxi. Here, while Munna Cash nonchalantly versifies with a swagger in his step and a warble in his cadence, the scintillating pressure behind his low-end 808s produces a provocative sense of overwhelming lure.

"Taxi" is a production that fits effortlessly over the JUICE WRLD-reminiscent character that the young word-slinger divulges. It's an eye-opening escapade for us as an audience, as we recognize what the next best thing coming out of Toronto looks like. And it renders in the shape of Gucci-festooned belts, expensive brand names, and unextinguishable desire to be the next biggest thing in Hip-hop performing under the moniker, Munna Cash.

What were some of your greatest memories when you think back to the shoot for "Taxi," and if you could pick out one location where you shot as most crucial in the video's spectacle, where would it be?

Greatest memories when I think back to the “Taxi” shoot was definitely when I was in the back of the Uber (as you see in the video) with OTR and the cameraman playing my songs and shooting the Video while driving around Downton. The location that was most crucial in my opinion was definitely the “Prescribed Shelter” Shop one of the hardest upcoming brands in Toronto. Being in there wearing different clothes looking like money while with all my friends made it even better.

How did you end up channeling the emotions you needed in order to lay down the hooks for Taxi, and how did you embody that same temperament when filming the video feature?

When I made Taxi all the mandem were in the studio with me turning up basically a little party at the studio that day. I was feeling good that day and it just came to me “riding round in a f*ckin taxi” I had a wild night before and just expressed in the song. For me to embody the same temperament when filming the video it came together easy. From I made the song I always had an idea for the video and whenever I’d think of something I’d write it in my notes. Myself and my team came together out ideas together and that was it from there.

What's been your biggest learning experience after releasing your latest Extended Play, and why was Taxi one the next song you decided to garnish with a Music Video from that entire record?

My biggest learning experience after releasing my latest Project is that the sky is the limit and now I just have to keep my foot on the GAS because they’re tuned in and my time is coming. Taxi was the second video I decided to release because not only was it the second song but the ideas and all the brainstorming I was doing while thinking about it I knew it had to be the next one.

Do you plan on releasing a new music video for every cut off your latest record, "Cash Season?" What can we expect next from you?

No, Not every single song will have a video but I promise either 3/6 or 4/6 will for sure! 

You can expect lots of new music, videos, even some interviews and 1,2 features, season 2 of “BSR” clothing line will be coming out around the end of September!! 

What has been keeping you inspired in one of the most challenging years?

In one of the most challenging years what’s been keeping me inspired is definitely my supporters. They play such a big role in this for me because without them I wouldn’t feel the need to be in the studio making so many songs. keep me motivated with messages, comments, reposts, and just showing love, in general, it means the world to me. My team behind me and my family are the other half that keeps me motivated, pushing me to go to the studio, shoot videos stay engaged on social media all that I’m thankful I have real ones in my corner that just want to see me shine.


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