Artist Spotlight: "You Should Know," That Kiva Richardson is Here to Stay

R&B is blessed to have the luxurious vocals of Kiva Richardson.

Memphis-raised this emerging artist delved into her love for music at the petit age of 8 years old, while bellowing gospel melodies from within. Obtaining the devotion of her rapidly growing fan base, Kiva Richardson has allowed her own flair to take the lead as she continues to pursue her burning desire in the arts.

With the soothing essence of her latest single, “You Should Know,” she manages to draw her listeners into the music as she forms an ambiance in her own lane.

The rich timbres of her vocalization cascade upon the sizzling instrumentation to ignite vigorous, sonic flames. Speaking words of wisdom in the striking resonance conveyed, we hear the confidence displayed as Kiva Richardson addresses her worth and value for loyalty.

As her heavenly tones fill the speakers while you sink into your seat, “You Should Know,” that this record will be on repeat for time to come.