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Artist Spotlight: Zen's Effortless Magnetism

The magnetically captivating and mesmerizing L.A. based artist Zen brings forth tremendous depth within her ominous and sensual music.

Fresh off her latest single "Fallin'," Zen pushed herself to release pent up emotion and record with her entire heart. During the release, she quickly realized how "Fallin'" served as a staple of her growth and healing.

Continuously creating music that keeps the listener deeply submerged in her captivating sound, Zen backs up her celestial vocals with incredibly wise and thoughtful messages. Not to mention the sweet-sounding melodies and instrumentals she delivers with each individual song; Zen keeps our ears peeled for more intriguing and inviting music.

Daughter of a producer and singer/songwriter father, Zen found her passion for music in her early years yet took it upon herself to become immersed in the creative outlet after a long and grueling battle with depression.

Soothing her heart and soul while doing so, we've seen Zen's career shoot up to the stars with brilliant releases that effortlessly keep the listener's undivided attention. Now working on an upcoming full-length album, we're more than excited to hear such a haunting sound on a complete record. Constantly having listeners gravitate towards her charming and engaging music, Zen is nothing short of an artist to keep your eye on. 

Check out our recent interview with Zen, here.



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