Ashley Reed Is A Sonic Breath Of Fresh Air

Fortifying her foundation on talents through various genres and a burning desire for music, Ashley Reed offers her listeners a heartfelt look into her soul with her latest release, “Waves.”

This California native has an undeniable work ethic as she produces tones of striking melodies and larger than life vocal abilities. Welcoming us into her world of atmospheric bliss, she draws her listeners into a mid-tempo Pop flavor that has us captivated the moment we begin our journey of, “Waves.”

Through her vivid expressions that delve into the hardcore authenticity of who Ashley Reed is as an artist and individual, she allows us to get lost in the swift productions of, “Waves.”

Opening her musical arms with a warm embrace, we admire the vulnerability shed from this emerging artist as she proves time and time again that she belongs on top as a more than capable wordsmith and intimate storyteller.

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