Ashley Reed is Making Major “Waves,” With her Latest Single

California native Ashley Reed releases her highly anticipated second single, "Waves." She was developing a passion for various genres at a young age from her family's radio station in the High Desert of California. She also began developing her foundations as a singer and started writing her songs early on in her life.

Her latest release, "Waves," is truly a treat to the ears. "Waves" introduces listeners to Reed's rich, soulful, and impressive vocal abilities. This track showcases Reed's passion for beautiful melodies and atmospheric arrangement. "Waves" opens with a soft, smooth electric guitar quickly establishes a mid-tempo Pop beat over spacious drum breaks that not only draws listeners in but captivates them for the entire song.

This slick production fused with Reed's authentic and vulnerable lyrics allows listeners to easily relate to her powerful message of not getting lost in someone/something. Featuring bold lyrics such as "I thought if I pushed back the tide, I wouldn't drown in your waves," "these waves crush my soul no longer consumed," and her catchy chorus lyrics "Never gonna be I don't wanna be never gonna be you" further proves her ability and strength as not only a songwriter but also a storyteller.

This track is a brilliant artistic expression leaving an emotional impact on fans as Reed dives deep into telling her truth. "Waves" raises the bar for Reed herself and puts her into an elevated category of artists. Her dedication to being bold and authentic to herself as an artist has made her one to watch for.